Outdoor Barbecue

Outdoor Barbecue Final
Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
1 x 3 x 2
2 x Trapdoors (Any)

2 x Stairs (Any)

2 x Campfires

4 x Raw Food Items

This Outdoor Barbecue design allows you to display your food being cooked above a Campfire. Put it beside a Picnic Table or in your Minecraft backyard! Oh, and also note that it requires a Half Slab Floor.

Step 1:
Remove 3 Slabs in a row and insert a Campfire in the middle.

Step 2:
For the supports, fill up the sides with outside-facing Stairs (refer below).

Step 3:
Then, put a Trapdoor on top of each Stairs.

Step 4:
Place a second Campfire above the first and extinguish using a Shovel or Water. Finally, add the raw food items by right clicking the extinguished campfire while holding them in your hands.


  • Try out different materials for a unique design.
  • Instead of Trapdoors, Slabs or Carpets can also be used as an alternative.
  • Stairs can also be placed facing inwards for a slightly different design.
  • Add some seats around for a proper barbecue area!


Original design by Jeracraft in this video. His channel can be found here.

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