Picnic Table

Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
3 x 7 x 4
6 x Spruce Trapdoors

2 x Spruce Stairs

4 x Spruce Slabs

4 x Signs (Any)

1 x Dispenser

2 x Birch Fences

1 x Birch Slab

8 x String

8 x Carpets (Any)

4 x Item Frames

4 x Food Items (Any)

2 x Pots

1 x Cake

A beautiful picnic table to decorate your Minecraft world with. Works well in various situations such as an outdoor seating area for your cafe, a cozy place to chill in a park, or even as a hangout area by the beach!

Step 1:
Place a Dispenser on the ground facing upwards and add 2 upside down Spruce Stairs on its sides.

Step 2:
Then, insert 3 Spruce Trapdoors on each sides of the Dispenser and Spruce Stairs as shown below.

Step 3:
Put 2 Birch Fences on the Dispenser and top it off with a Birch Slab.

Step 4:
Now, add Strings around the upper Birch Fence. We’ve added some temporary blocks in the picture below to provide some contrast so you can see the Strings easier.

Step 5:
For the umbrella, put down Carpets above the Strings.

Step 6:
Shift+Click on the Trapdoors to place Item Frames and add Food Items of your choice.

Step 7:
To add more details, use Pots for cups as well as a Cake to be shared among the imaginary guests in your Minecraft world.

Step 7:
Last but not least, use the Spruce Slabs and Signs to make chairs around the picnic table.


  • Feel free to change the materials and carpet colors of this build to whatever you like.
  • Instead of chairs, consider using benches as well. If you want more chair designs, check out our collection.
  • Other decorative features that can be used include Lanterns, Potted Plants, Pumpkins, Watermelons, or even a Chest to act as a picnic basket.


Original design by Blondskunk in this video. His channel can be found here.

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