Functional Vending Machine

Minecraft Functional Vending Machine Final
Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
3 x 3 x 5
8 x Concrete (Any)

2 x Bookshelves

2 x Glass

4 x Carpets (Any)

6 x Trapdoors (Any)

2 x Item Frames

1 x Iron Trapdoor

1 x Banner (Any)

1 x Dispenser

1 x Button

This Vending Machine design doesn’t only look nice and slick, it’s also fully operational! Whether you need a quick bite of Golden Apple or a Strength Potion, it’s got you covered.

Don’t forget to check out our Ice Cream Dispenser and Drink Dispenser designs – it goes very well with this Vending Machine!

Step 1:
With 8 Concrete blocks, make an ‘L’ shape with double thickness as shown below.

Minecraft Functional Vending Machine Step 1

Step 2:
Next, place 2 Bookshelves on the back half of the ‘L’ shape, and 2 Glass on the front half.

Minecraft Functional Vending Machine Step 2

Step 3:
Cover the top of the Vending Machine with 4 Carpets.

Minecraft Functional Vending Machine Step 3

Step 4:
Then, add 6 Trapdoors along the right side of the Vending Machine.

Step 5:
Place an Item Frame under the Glass and insert an Iron Trapdoor as the handle. Next, cover the Item Frame with a Banner.

Step 6:
Now, put a Button beside the Banner and add an Item Frame above the Button. You can insert any item inside this Item Frame. 

If you do not require the Vending Machine to be functional, you can ignore the steps below.

Step 7:
For the dispensing mechanism, dig a 1×1 hole under the Concrete with the Button and place a Dispenser in.

Step 8:
Fill up the Dispenser with anything you like and replace the Concrete and Button above it. Your Vending Machine should now dispense an item each time the Button is pressed.


  • If you’re building the Vending Machine in a corner, you can choose to exclude the Trapdoors for a slimmer design.
  • Of course, food-related items aren’t the only things that can be inserted into the Vending Machine. You can literally put anything from Dirt to Netherite Blocks – get creative!


Original design by BlenDigi in this video. His channel can be found here.

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