Minecraft Bush Arch Variation 1

Bush Arch

With this Bush Arch design, your Minecraft garden will never be the same again. Use it as an entrance to your front yard, or even better – put a few of these along a pathway with a red carpet underneath for a grand entrance!

Christmas Tree

There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas in Minecraft than having a fully decorated Christmas Tree in front of your house (or even in the middle of your mansion). Follow these quick steps to learn how to make one for yourself.

Minecraft Dripstone Palm Tree Final

Dripstone Palm Tree

Get this Dripstone Palm Tree for your tropical Minecraft paradise or beach resort. It makes use of the new Pointed Dripstone block to give it a unique shape.

Hanging Flower Pot Final

Hanging Flower Pot

Decorate your streets with this Hanging Flower Pot idea. This design works extremely well on medieval themed towns! Check out the Variations section to find out how to fashion this design into a lamp post as well.