Who we are?

Well, to put it simply, we’re just a bunch of friends who love vanilla Minecraft. Over the years, we’ve mostly played in private servers (both survival and creative) just among ourselves, while occasionally dabbling in public servers for mini games. 

We have this ‘tradition’ of starting a new world each time a major update is launched, so we can fully enjoy the new features without having to venture far away to load up new chunks or mess with out game file. This gave us plenty of opportunities to populate new worlds with our builds and designs.

As a result, we often have to gather design inspirations from the Internet and although there are tons of design ideas out there, we often wish that there is a ‘hub’ for all these great ideas as well as a detailed tutorial. This birthed the idea of having our own website where we compile Minecraft design ideas that we found interesting (and giving appropriate credit to the original designers) while providing a step-by-step tutorial. Oh, and rest assured that all designs do not require any Mods and most designs are perfectly achievable in Survival Mode.

Image from nachanmicrago’s video


Our Core Value

We heavily emphasize on giving credit where credit is due. Therefore, at the bottom of every design, there is a ‘Credit’ section stating where we got the design idea from, as well as links to the original designer. 

The exceptions to this are designs that are fairly simple (where it is near impossible to identify the first person who invented the idea) and designs that we’ve come up with ourselves.

Reach Out To Us!

Have an cool or unique design? 

Well, we want to know about it! Submit the design through email and either attach design screenshots directly or give us a link where we can see it. Don’t forget to include your details (YouTube channel, Instagram etc.) so we can give you full credit!

Found a mistake on our website?

Did we make a typo? Did we gave credit to the wrong person? Let us know! We’ll get it fixed right away.

Have any other enquiries?

Don’t be shy, we don’t bite! Head on over to our Contact page and send us a message.