Glare Statue

Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
5 x 5 x 11
94 x Green Wool & Moss Blocks

12 x Green Concrete

14 x Moss Carpets

11 x Leaves (Any)

34 x Glow Berries

12 x String

2 x White Banners

2 x Brown Dyes

If you’re sad that the Glare did not win the 2021 Mob Vote, fear no more as we’ll teach you how to build your very own one!

While it won’t be seeking out any dark spaces, it’s still a great addition to your Minecraft world.

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Step 1:
Stack up a number of temporary blocks or Scaffolding (at least 5 blocks tall) to elevate your Glare Statue off the ground and place a Green Wool to begin building the base of the Glare.

Step 2:
We’re gonna be using a mix of Green Wool and Moss Blocks for most of the build to add some detail to it. There is no ‘fixed’ arrangement or pattern for the Green Wool and Moss Blocks so mix them as you like.

With the initial Green Wool as the middle back block, extend the Green Wool/Moss Blocks into a 5×3 base. 

Step 3:
Using 14 Green Wool/Moss Blocks, build a hollow ‘ring’ above the base layer.

Step 4:
On the next layer, place 7 Green Wool/Moss Blocks on the back half on the previous layer as shown below.

Step 5:
Next, stack a 3×5 wall of Green Wool/Moss Blocks along the back edge of the build.

Step 6:
Going to the back of the Glare, arrange 16 Green Wool/Moss Blocks in as shown in the images below.

Step 7:
Then, place 12 Green Concrete in a 3×5 wall in the middle of the build.

Step 8:
For the Glare’s eyes, you’ll need to put 2 White Banners and 2 Brown Dyes into a Loom and select one each of the first two patterns – Brown Base Dexter Canton & Brown Base Sinister Canton.

Step 9:
Now, insert the Banners on the topmost layer of Green Concrete with a block space between them.

Step 10:
On the left side of the build, place 3 Green Wool/Moss Blocks in a straight line (see image below).

Step 11:
For the right side, repeat the previous step but add an additional Green Wool/Moss Block at the end to form an ‘L’ shape.

Step 12:
Use 15 Green Wool/Moss Blocks to fill in the top of the Glare’s head.

Step 13:
Next, add 4 Leaves above the Glare’s head and throw in some Moss Carpets for additional detail.

Step 14:
Under the Glare, insert 7 Leaves on the second last row as shown in the images below.

Step 15:
Then, cover the Leaves with the vines from Glowberries. You don’t have to do it exactly as we did – just arrange it however you feel looks best!

Step 16:
To stop the Glowberries from growing, add a piece of String under the bottom of each Glowberry vine.

Step 17:
The final step is to use a similar method as the previous to add Glowberries to the front of the Glare’s face.

Try not to cover it’s eyes too much so they’re still visible!

Pro Tip:

  • Add a hidden torch (or any other light source) under the eyes so your Glare Statue can glow at night!


Original design by Borschy in this video. His channel can be found here.

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