Minecraft Glare Statue Final

Glare Statue

If you’re sad that the Glare did not win the 2021 Mob Vote, fear no more as we’ll teach you how to build your very own one! While it won’t be seeking out any dark spaces, it’s still a great addition to your Minecraft world.

Allay Statue

Are you as excited for the Allay as we are? Here’s a tutorial on how to build an Allay Statue for your Minecraft World.

Helicopter Final


Have you ever wanted to build a Helicopter in your Minecraft world? If so, this is the guide for you! Here’s a bonus if you’re playing in Survival Mode – the entire build only requires relatively basic materials (you don’t even need materials from the Nether).

Flying Bird

Imagine opening your door and seeing a flock of birds flying on the horizon. Add this Flying Bird design to your Minecraft world and bring the scenery to life!

Flying Baby Dragon

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… No, it’s a Baby Dragon! Who doesn’t want a Baby Dragon flying over their Minecraft base or village? Check out the Variations section to see how to further spice up this Baby Dragon design!