All Minecraft Miscellaneous Furniture Design Ideas

Minecraft Basketball Hoop Final 1

Basketball Hoop

This one is for all the basketball fans out there – time to bring the sport into your Minecraft backyard! Build two of these Basketball Hoops facing each other and you’ve got yourself a basketball court.

Minecraft Bush Arch Variation 1

Bush Arch

With this Bush Arch design, your Minecraft garden will never be the same again. Use it as an entrance to your front yard, or even better – put a few of these along a pathway with a red carpet underneath for a grand entrance!

Minecraft Glare Statue Final

Glare Statue

If you’re sad that the Glare did not win the 2021 Mob Vote, fear no more as we’ll teach you how to build your very own one! While it won’t be seeking out any dark spaces, it’s still a great addition to your Minecraft world.

Allay Statue

Are you as excited for the Allay as we are? Here’s a tutorial on how to build an Allay Statue for your Minecraft World.