Traffic Light

Traffic Light Final
Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
1 x 6 x 10
8 x Smooth Stone Slabs

2 x Stone Brick Walls

8 x Diorite Walls

4 x Black Concrete

2 x Light Gray Banner

2 x Red Dye

2 x Lime Dye

2 x Yellow Dye

4 x Black Dye

A Minecraft traffic light design using Banners and Dyes – an absolute necessity when building streets or cities. Note that this design will require a Loom to add patterns to the Banner.

Step 1:
Using a Loom, add a Light Gray Banner and Red Dye. Then, select the Red Inverted Chevron pattern.

Step 2:
Next, use a Lime Dye to create a Lime Chevron pattern.

Step 3:
Add a Yellow Dye and choose the Yellow Roundel pattern.

Step 4:
Now, insert a Black Dye and select the Black Bordure Indented pattern.

Step 5:
To finish up the Banner, use another Black Dye to create a Black Bordure pattern. Repeat Steps 1 – 5 for the second Light Gray Banner if you’re in Survival Mode.

Step 6:
For the structure holding up the traffic lights, put down 2 Smooth Stone Slabs, followed by 8 Diorite Walls on top of it.

Step 7:
Arrange a horizontal line of 6 Smooth Stone Slabs on top of the Diorite Walls.

Step 8:
Place a Stone Brick Wall and 2 Black Concrete directly below the 3rd and 5th Smooth Stone Slab.

Step 8:
Finish it up by hanging the 2 Traffic Light Banners on the Black Concretes columns.


  • Adjust the height and width of the traffic light to suit your streets, as well as play around with the materials for Slabs and Walls.
  • For a more rustic design, use an Anvil and Fences.


Original design by BlenDigi in this video. His channel can be found here.

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