Storage Cabinet Drawers

Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
2 x 4 x 1
2 x Trapdoors (Any)

2 x Barrels

2 x Item Frames

2 x Quartz Slabs

2 x Signs (Any)

Looking for a great way to store your precious Minecraft goods (including all that Cobblestone from branch mining) while staying compact and well detailed? We have the answer – Storage Cabinet / Drawers using Barrels!

Step 1:
Put down 2 Barrels (in any orientation of your choice) and add Trapdoors at the sides.

Step 2:
Shift+Click the Barrels to place Item Frames and insert the Quartz Slabs into the Item Frames.
Note: Right click the Item Frames again to rotate the Quartz Slabs into the desired position.

Step 3:
Finally, use Shift+Click again to add Signs to the front of the cabinet / drawers. Feel free to add some decorations on the top such as Potted Plants, Lanterns or even Carpets.


  • Get creative and design your storage cabinets / drawers in any way you want. A few examples are shown below.
  • Throw in a few layers of text on the Signs to add some detail.
  • Use this design anywhere – as a bedside table, or a storage area under your TV, or even as a filing cabinet!

Pro Tip:

  • You can customize the names of the Barrel to take storage to the next level.
  • Get an Anvil ready and place the Barrel into it (you’ll also need 1 level’s worth of EXP in Survival mode).
  • Rename your Barrel into whatever you want and feel like a Minecraft genius!


Original design by Blondskunk in this video. His channel can be found here.

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