Simple Bench Swing

Simple Bench Swing Final
Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
1 x 6 x 7
14 x Logs (Any)

6 x Fences (Any)

6 x Chains

2 x Stairs (Any)

2 x Signs (Any)

Taking advantage of the new Chains in Minecraft, here’s a simple bench swing design for your backyard so you can enjoy a sunny day out! Just like our Playground Swing Set design, this idea will require a Half Slab floor.

Step 1:
Remove 2 Slabs with a 4 block space in between, and stack up 7 Logs in each hole.

Simple Bench Swing Step 1

Step 2:
Next, place the 6 Fences as shown in the picture below.

Simple Bench Swing Step 2

Step 3:
From the middle 2 Fences, add 2 rows of Chains and place both Stairs at the end.

Step 4:
Finally, insert Signs to the sides of the Stairs.


  • Need to add another bench swing in, just extend the entire structure to fit it in!
  • Get creative with different color palettes.
  • Walls can also be used instead of Fences and full blocks.


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