Christmas Tree

Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
7 x 7 x 12
1 x Spruce Tree

20 x Glow Item Frames

5 x Orange Wool

5 x Red Wool

5 x Yellow Wool

5 x Light Blue Wool

1 x End Rod

1 x Block of Amethyst

4 x Large Amethyst Bud

1 x Amethyst Cluster

There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas season in Minecraft than having a fully decorated Christmas Tree in front of your house (or even in the middle of your mansion). Follow these quick steps to learn how to make one for yourself and get your server into the festive spirit.

Step 1:
Get a Spruce Sapling and wait for it to grow into a Spruce Tree that you want to use for a Christmas Tree. Use Bone Meal to speed up the process.

Step 1:
Now, for the fun part – place Glow Item Frames all over the tree wherever you want. Normal Item Frames work fine too if you can’t get your hands on Glow Item Frames.

Chuck the colored Wool into the Glow Item Frames for the Christmas Tree ornaments.

Step 2:
For the glowing star on the top of the Christmas Tree, add an End Rod on the topmost block, followed by a Block of Amethyst.

Then, insert Large Amethyst Buds into all four sides of the Block of Amethyst, and top it off with an Amethyst Cluster.


  • Literally anything can be placed into the Glow Item Frames as ornaments – so get creative with it!
  • Our personal favorites are Nether Stars, Glazed Terracottas, Glow Berries and Skulls/Player Heads.


Original design by Borschy in this video. Check out his channel here.

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