Medieval Chair with Banner

Medieval Chair with Banner Final
Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
2 x 3 x 3
5 x Trapdoors (Any)

1 x Anvil

1 x Banner

A cool-looking Minecraft chair to spice up your living room. Works great in medieval-themed builds. Also comes with a customizable banner!

Step 1:
Place anvil on floor, then add a trapdoor on top. Make sure to hold Shift so you don’t accidentally use the anvil.

Step 2:
Add the second and third trapdoors on both the left and right of the initial trapdoor and flip them up.

Step 3:
Now, place another trapdoor at the back, but don’t flip it up just yet. You’ll need it to place the final trapdoor on top, which can get a little bit tricky to get the orientation right. We found that one way to easily do this is by standing at the back end of the structure and Shift+Click at the corner (as shown in the image below).

Step 3 (Alternative):
Another way to complete this step is by standing on the trapdoor and jump while placing the final trapdoor midair (Don’t forget to hold Shift throughout the jump).

Step 4:
Finally, flip up those trapdoors and place a banner of your choice.


  • Feel free to experiment with different trapdoors to find a design you like.
  • Banners can even have patterns on them for a more detailed effect.
  • Rotating the anvil gives it a thinner base.
  • Use 2 or 3 anvils to turn it into a couch!


Original design by FullySpaced in this video. His channel can be found here.

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