Large Double Bed with Sides

Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
4 x 4 x 3
8 x Trapdoors (Any)

2 x Banners

2 x Beds

2 x Quartz Stairs

2 x Signs (Any)

2 x Sea Lantern (Or any block light source)

A large Minecraft double bed with bed headboard and sides made of trapdoors and signs. Also features pillows made of banners. Looks great in large bedrooms!

Step 1:
Dig a 2 block deep hole and fill the bottom layer with sea lanterns or any block light source (the banners won’t be clearly visible otherwise). Place banners diagonally on top of the sea lanterns.
Note: Technically, only one block of light source is necessary if you don’t mind the asymmetry.

Step 2:
Place two temporary blocks behind the hole and use them to place the quartz stairs to cover the banner.

Step 3:
Next, put beds in front of the stairs and Shift+Click to place signs on both sides of the bed.

Step 4:
Place six trapdoors all over the other edges of the bed (as shown in the picture below).

Step 5:
Finally, put the remaining two trapdoors on top of the quartz stairs and take a step back to admire your beautiful new double bed!


  • Feel free to experiment with different bed colors to find a design you like.
  • Mix and match different trapdoors to personalize your double bed.
  • Have a look at this design for a similar bed design, but with bedside decorations and a fancy bed frame.


Original design by FullySpaced in this video. His channel can be found here.

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