Hanging Flower Pot

Hanging Flower Pot Final
Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
3 x 7 x 7
17 x Spruce Trapdoors

1 x Spruce Plank

2 x Hoppers

3 x Spruce Fences

1 x Cobblestone Wall

1 x Cobblestone

2 x Iron Rods

2 x Grass Block (Or Dirt)

2 x Sweet Berries

Decorate your streets with this Hanging Flower Pot idea. This design works extremely well on medieval themed towns! Check out the Variations section to find out how to fashion this design into a lamp post as well.

Step 1:
Stack up a Cobblestone block, Cobblestone Wall, 3 Spruce Fences and a Spruce Plank in this order.

Step 2:
Add a Spruce Trapdoor on both the left and right side of the Spruce Plank.

Step 3:
Then, place 5 more Spruce Trapdoors in a horizontal row on top of the previous layer. You might have to use Shift+Click!

Step 4:
Under the rightmost and leftmost Trapdoor, insert a Hopper on each side, followed by an Iron Bar. Note that you’ll need to use Shift+Click to place both these blocks.

Step 5:
Using 2 temporary blocks, place a Grass Block 3 blocks above the ground directly under the Hopper and Iron Bar on each sides.

Step 6:
Next, cover all 4 sides and the bottom of the Grass Block with Spruce Trapdoors.

Step 7:
All that’s left is to plant Sweet Berries by right clicking them on the Grass Blocks. To make them fully grown instantly, just apply some Bone Meal magic!


  • Feel free to use different block palettes to suit your design style.
  • As a bonus feature, replace Iron Bars with End Rods to add some lighting so you can use this design as lamp posts too!
  • Glass Panes and Fences also work as great alternatives to the Iron Bars.


Original design by Jeracraft in this video. His channel can be found here.

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