Armor Stand Display

Armor Stand Display Final 2
Dimensions (L x W x H) Materials
3 x 3 x 7
2 x Trapdoors (Any)

16 x Stairs (Any)

1 x Armor Stand

22 x Glass Panes

1 x Beacon

8 x Stairs (Any)

9 x Iron Blocks

1 x Armor Set

A fancy Minecraft armor stand display to show off your extra set of armor, using a beacon beam to highlight it while lighting up the room. Sprinkle a few Simple Display Cases around for a proper display room!

Step 1:
Dig a 2 block deep 9 x 9 hole and fill the bottom layer with iron blocks (or diamond blocks if you feel like flexing). Stick the beacon in the on top of the middle block and allow it to activated.

Step 2:
Then, cover up the iron blocks and leave on the the beacon and its beam exposed.

Step 3:
Position 4 blocks of stairs in a ‘+’ formation as shown in the picture below.

Step 4:
Arrange the the rest of the stairs upside down at the corners (refer below). You’ll need to aim at the top half of the stairs placed in the step above to position it correctly. Following that, place the trapdoor in the middle of the stairs where the beacon beam is.

Step 5:
Next, Shift+Click to position the armor stand on the trapdoor and equip it with armor (right click at the armor stand with the armor in your hand).

Step 6:
Now for the glass casing – place glass panes on the stair blocks around the armor stand. Make them three blocks tall and don’t forget to leave an opening at the front so you can easily access the armor when necessary.

Step 7:
To mirror the bottom stairs formation at the top, place the stairs in a ‘+’ formation again, but upside down this time. If you don’t have a ceiling directly above, you might need to use a temporary block in the middle to place the stairs upside down.

Step 8:
Finally, finish up the top by putting stairs in the corners as well as a trapdoor in the middle. Oh, and don’t block the beam with solid blocks (partial blocks like stairs and trapdoors are fine) or the beam will disappear.


  • Change up the top and bottom part using a variety of stairs, slabs or other blocks to make a unique design.
  • If you’re not planning to use the armor, close up the opening with glass panes and give it a sign to make it look like museum artifact.
  • To get a colored beam, shift the iron blocks and beacon one block deeper and place a colored glass block on top of the beacon.
  • Consider switching the glass panes with other see-through blocks like iron bars or fences.
  • Enchant the armor before equipping it to give it a glowing effect.


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